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What is Pho?

Throughout much of its two-thousand-year history, Vietnam has been ruled by other nations.
The Chinese conquered Vietnam in the thrid century B.C. and ruled for one thousand years.
Following this period, Vietnam enjoyed nine hundred years of independence. In 1884 France
took control of the contry. Japan ruled Vietnam for most of World War II (1939-1945), but
the French regained control until their defeat in 1945. That year, Vietnam was divided
into two separate nations, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Vietnam experienced an especially difficult period of war,
political unrest , and division. South Vietnam came under Communist rule in 1975,
and the Communists unified North and South Vietnam. At that time, thousands of Vietnamese
fled their country, and many came to the United States. These refugees brought with them
their heritage and their native cuisine.

Vietnamese cuisine uses several different cooking methods including simmering,
braising, steaming, grilling and stir-frying. Each of these methods preserves and
enhances the freshness and flavor of the food.


The word Pho (Fuh) is said to come from feu of pot au feu or just plain feu, French for “flame.”
The theory is that this described the flames of the pho street vendors.

The pho itself is actually a noodle made from the finest white rice. The pho is then topped with thin slices
of steak beef, meatballs, brisket, flank.... The rich, vibrant broth prepared over 18hours of simmering in
the finest beef and bone marrow.
This flavorful broth is then poured onto the pho. The rich bowl of pho is then topped with onions,
cilantro and green onions served with side dish of bean sprouts, limes, basil,
and sliced green chili on the side to create a healthy, delicious, and satisfying meal.
Pho is wonderful dish, incredibly aromatic and extremely filling low fat and high protein.